Honorary Title of the WPK

The Korean people call the Workers’ Party of Korea the motherly Party.

Mother is a pronoun of trust and love. Mother’s love for her children is pure as she does not want any reward.

The Korean people always believe and follow the WPK as mother, whether they are happy or trying.

For decades since its foundation, the WPK has been faithful to the idea of believing in the people as in heaven, the people-first principle, irrespective of whether the conditions were favourable or unfavourable.

The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, made sure that the spirit of taking a deep hold upon the minds of the people and making selfless, devoted efforts only for them became the firm climate of the Party.

It is his intention that we should devote our all to realizing the demand and interests of the people and materializing their dreams and ideals.

The Korean people enjoy a happy life under the loving care of the motherly Party which does not make any calculation in doing something for the people or hesitate to make any important decisions for defending their smile.

Closing the Sixth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the WPK on April 8 last, Kim Jong Un said: Our people are invariably following our Party calling it motherly Party in times of both happiness and difficulty.

This is a valuable title bestowed only on the WPK in the world and the greatest honour and glory that can neither be bought for billions of tons of gold nor be bartered for anything.

It is a firm will of the WPK to live up to the trust of the people calling the Party mother without reserve as a servant party.

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