Human Rights

Demonstrations Held in Daegu and Gyeongju Cities for Abolition of National Security Act

On Friday working people in Daegu City demonstrated as part of the National March for the Abolition of the National Security Act, they were joined by comrades from Jeju Island marching to the National Assembly in Seoul for a mass rally on the 15th.

They held an afternoon press conference at the Daegu Samdeok Church which was formerly Daegu Prison. They proudly shouted slogans like “Let’s inherit the spirit of the October Struggle!” referencing the mass uprising in Daegu in 1946 in which hundreds of thousands erupted in anger against the U.S. Military Government’s right-wing rigging of the 1946 elections, the maintaining of all Japanese collaborator police, the mass arrest of suspected communists, and the outlawing of the People’s Committees, which ended in the massacre of hundreds of people.

After the press conference they marched to the October Uprising Memorial to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the resistance and lay wreaths for the heroic fallen martyrs. They chanted slogans “Repeal the National Security Law!” and “Release all prisoners of conscience!”

Lectures were held in Daegu. Lawyer and activist Lee Jung Hee said that the NSA is an inhumane and evil law which makes basic democratic principles and open discussion impossible in south Korean society. They continued that anyone in favor of unification is already in favor of abolishment.

At the same time in Gyeongju City working people and youth from all walks of life marched together from Gyeongju Station to Daereungwon Tomb and appealed to the citizenry to mobilize to force the abolishment of the National Security Law.

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