Human Rights

1.1 Million south Korean Unionists Mobilizing for General Strike on October 20

On the 7th the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) held a press conference to announce a nationwide general strike and mass rally on Oct. 20 to fight inequality and render a decisive blow to the inhuman system of exploitation rampant across all fields of south Korean society.

Comrade Yoon Taek Geun, acting chairman of the KCTU, noted that more than 2,300 workers are dying in misery every year from industrial accidents, and asked who should be held responsible, 11 million non-regular workers or a criminal government not protecting their rights? He continued that if the working people’s voices are curbed once again by the regime under the pretext of COVID they will be making a grave mistake. He said they should listen to their pleading voices and transform society by casting off Chaebols, speculation, and inequality.

Comrade Yoon Taek Geun, acting chairman of the KCTU

Comrade Hyeon Jeong Hee, chairman of the Public Transport Workers’ Union, said that the realities and struggles faced by workers in the south today is much scarier than COVID, and signaled that all members of the public transport union will be joining the strike till the end.

Comrade Kang Gyu Hyuk, chairman of the Service Industry Federation, said that while the people shouted for the end of government and press corruption during the candlelight movement, nothing has changed. He stated that their federation’s 74 unions with 75,000 members will join the strike.

Comrade Yeon Jong Dok, secretary-general of the KCTU

Comrade Lee Young Cheol, chairman of the Construction Industry Trade Unions, noted that construction workers account for over half of accidents taking the lives of hundreds. He said construction workers are being forced to labor in a system where they have no choice but death. He continued that if special labor laws are not enacted following the 10.20 general strike, they will mobilize their 70,000 members again in December.

In total 1.1 million unionists are now preparing for the nationwide general strike to fight the southern authorities for their basic human dignity.

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