Ryanggang Province

Samjiyon, a Modern City in Forests

The City of Samjiyon is in Ryanggang Province in the northern tip of the DPRK.

The city is associated with the undying exploits performed by President Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and there is Mt Paektu where Chairman Kim Jong Il was born.

It is blessed with spectacular natural scenery peculiar to the area including a large stretch of primitive forests in Mt Paektu, Lake Samji in them, waterfalls rising from Lake Chon, alpine flower fields and the unique ecosystem of the forest line.

The city preserves special features in the formation of city block and architecture.

Structures are laid out harmoniously centring on the thoroughfare in front of the statue of Chairman Kim Jong Il by combining the national identity, modernity and characteristics of the mountainous area.

Districts of dwelling houses, commercial service networks and others are clearly divided and the finishings to the exteriors of structures go very well with the natural forests of Mt Paektu.

Low- and multi-storey apartment buildings are in perfect harmony and the principle of prioritizing convenience and aesthetics is thoroughly embodied in the construction of houses and public buildings.

The form and layout of structures embody plastic arts and diversity while being based on the national character and therefore the whole architectural group looks like a large artistic work.

And the characteristic traits of the mountainous city are kept alive in all elements ranging from the formation of the city to the construction of every structure, road equipment, visual information aids and decorative illuminations, and landscaping has been done to suit the northern highlands.

The city has local industry factories which produce various consumer goods with special local raw and other materials, including the Samjiyon Blueberry Drink Factory and the Samjiyon Potato Farina Factory, and such service facilities as hotels and ski slopes where visitors can enjoy the sentiments peculiar to mountainous areas.

There are also the modern Samjiyon City People’s Hospital, the library, hall of culture and gymnasium, which contribute to the citizens’ health through comprehensive medical service and their cultural and leisure activities.

In the city there are low- and multi-storey houses for over 4,000 families and more than 380 buildings of public and industrial facilities.

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