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National March for National Security Law Abolishment Launches on Jeju Island

At Jeju Island on the 5th, the group National Action for the Abolition of the National Security Act held a press conference at the Jeju 4.3 Peace Park. They condemned Moon Jae In for his weightless flowery language, saying peace and the National Security Act cannot ever coexist.

Father Jeong Hyeon Moon said: “The Catholic Priests Association for Justice has asked us not to shave our beard until the National Security Act is abolished. Since then, we have been raising them.”

The conference marked the start of demonstrations for National Security Act abolition until the 15th.

Comrade Lim Ki Hwan of Jeju People’s Solidarity said: “The mortuary tablets of those at the forefront of the 4.3 Uprising have been deleted or removed. They deny and ignore truth with distorted ideology. As long as the Security Law exists, it is difficult to ascertain the truth.”

Comrade Kim Kyung Min, secretary-general of the National Council of YMCAs of Korea, said, “The Republic of Korea was born by gathering all the hardships of the Cold War system, and the national security law, its symbol, has blocked and massacred the people. It must be abolished.”

Marches are to go across the country culminating in demonstrations outside the National Assembly on the 15th in coordination with the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and other civic groups, calling on the ruling party to finally open a real democratic era without the Security Law.

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