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Chess War Attracts Many People

Gaming apps are now very popular in the DPRK. Among them, Janggi (Korean chess) War is most favoured by Korean chess amateurs and other people.

“We have upgraded the game app to draw more people and amateurs,” said Kim Jong Chol, section chief of the Mandae IT Exchange Centre.

According to him, unlike other online Korean chess apps, the upgraded version of Chess War has its unique charm and advantages.

As it provides competitors with such a vivid feeling as playing chess face-to-face with the opponent in reality, even newcomers can easily understand it, play matches with opponents they want to challenge and improve their janggi techniques through them.

As the program controls game rules and regulations including equal playing time, strict time up and moving of pieces of players’ first choice, competitors will be able to focus on playing the game and get impartial appraisal accordingly.

“You can acquire clever moves and techniques through the app. As all chess games are saved as the record of games in its database, everyone can learn a lot by opening the records and reproducing excellent matches played by the masters,” said amateur Ryang Chol Su living in Pothonggang District of Pyongyang.

Amateurs like to play Korean chess through the app as it is very helpful for them in understanding tactical moves of opponents and making appropriate countermoves.

“Korean chess is becoming more diverse in forms and moves. We plan to update the software to host national games in the future,” said Kim Jong Chol.

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