“We Serve the People!”

The slogan “We Serve the People!” can be found everywhere in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It has been inscribed on buses running along the streets and displayed on walls of the shops, restaurants and other public service amenities in different places and offices of officials.

More than 30 years ago, on January 1, Juche 79 (1990), the great leader Kim Jong Il said to officials that the Workers’ Party of Korea serves the people and all its lines and policies are shaped for their sake. And he presented the slogan “We Serve the People!” to the officials.

“We Serve the People!”–it was his lifelong motto.

One day, an official who had worked under his guidance for a long time formulated Kim Jong Il‘s 10-point view of the people on the basis of his life experience.

First, the “God” he worships most ardently is the people.
Second, the teacher he respects most highly is the people.
Third, the most powerful being is the people.
Fourth, the most talented creator is the people.
Fifth, the most powerful weapon is the single-hearted unity of the people.
Sixth, his greatest desire is an independent people’s paradise.
Seventh, his greatest pleasure is the people’s happiness.
Eighth, his greatest agony is the people’s misfortune.
Ninth, his greatest fury is the infringement on the people’s dignity and interests.
Tenth, the motto he loves most is “We Serve the People!”.

Sin Chol Un, Vice-Department Director of the Sosong District People’s Committee of Pyongyang City, says:

“The motto of the great Kim Jong Il who devoted himself to the people’s happiness all his life ought to be kept in the hearts of the officials, I think. It calls on the officials to become the faithful servants of the people enjoying their support and love.”

To make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people, along with the slogan “We Serve the People!”, is the mode of existence of the WPK and its revolutionary traits.

The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the WPK, advanced the slogans “Let the Whole Party Make Selfless, Devoted Efforts for the Good of the Great People!” and “Everything for the People and Everything by Relying on Them!”.

At the Eighth Party Congress, he solemnly pledged to work at the risk of his life as a faithful servant of the people on the road of devoted service for their well-being, regarding our great people as the God of his life.

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