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New Posters Produced in DPRK

“Let Us Add Luster to the Era of Our State-First Principle under the Leadership of the Great Party!”

The Workers’ Party of Korea Publishing House has produced posters encouraging all the people to the implementation of the important tasks set forth in the historic policy speech made by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.

The posters ardently call for working hard for glorifying the most dignified era of our state-first principle in which the ideal of the people is brought into full bloom, upholding the administrative policy as immortal great programme and inspiring banner for dynamically promoting the fresh development for socialist construction.

“Let Us Give Fuller Play to Our Political and Ideological Might with Single-Minded Unity as the Core!”

Other posters deal with the idea of consolidating the political and ideological position of socialism as firm as a rock by unfolding the work of consolidating the people-first principle as the political climate and social customs of our state in a more substantial and purposeful manner.

“For a Fresh Victory on All Fronts of the Socialist Construction!”

The other posters show the transparent revolutionary spirit and high fighting spirit of all the people ready to surely bring about practical successes and substantial changes through fresh innovation, bold creation and steady progress.

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