Major Meetings

Delegation of DPRK Central Court Takes Part in International Legal Forum of Asia-Pacific Region

The 11th International Legal Forum of the Asia-Pacific region took place through video conferencing on September 30.
It was attended by delegations and delegates of different countries including the delegation of the Central Court of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea headed by President Cha Myong Nam.

Congratulatory speeches were made at the forum.

The head of the DPRK delegation said in his speech that the countries in the Asia-Pacific region are facing a common task to cope with the worldwide challenges, though they have different history of development and economic conditions. He added that the forum serves as a significant and important occasion in promoting the common legal understanding and practical activities of the countries in the region to achieve lasting prosperity and development.

Expressing the expectation that the forum would make a due contribution to consolidating the scientific foundation for righteous and impartial law, he called for strengthening legal cooperation for peace, stability and prosperity of each country and region, united under the ideals of independence, peace and friendship.

Other speeches were made.

A member of the DPRK delegation said the DPRK is laying a legal foundation for the recognition of judgement of foreign courts and the approval and execution of arbitration awards conducive to the judging activities and economic development of the regional countries, protecting the legitimate rights, interests and business activities of foreign investment enterprises and actively providing a legal environment favourable for the international economic cooperation.

He noted that what is important in the essential issues for ensuring stability of the international economic cooperation is to make joint efforts against the arrogant moves of the United States. He stated that all countries in the region should further strengthen the international cooperation and solidarity for the regional security and economic prosperity in coping with the US reckless hostile moves against the DPRK.

The Central Court of the DPRK will, in the future, too, continue to provide an international legal guarantee, together with other countries in the region, for settling the economic disputes on the principle of respect for sovereignty, equality and mutual benefits, he said and stressed that it will constantly develop the relations of legal support and cooperation with those countries desirous of sound economic development of the region.

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