Kwanmobong Brown Bear

Kwanmobong Brown Bear lives in the areas of Sampho-ri, Yonsa County of North Hamgyong Province and the Kwanmo Peak of the Hamgyong Mountains. The Kwanmo Peak is 2,540 metres above the sea level.

The brown bear is 150 to 200 centimetres long and weighs 150 to 250 kilograms and the biggest over 450 kilograms.

It has wide forehead and a bit long mouth. The round ears are not big and the neck is short. It has four thick and strong legs with sharp claws. The fur is lustreless and its colour varied from reddish brown to dark brown.

Brown bears are under international protection as they are rare worldwide and their number is on the decrease.

Those living in the area of the Kwanmo Peak are protected as a living monument in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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