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Eco-Friendly Fuel Oil Treatment Device Developed

The Taehung Management Bureau of the Ministry of Railways has developed a new fuel oil treatment device that helps save fuel and protect environment.

It converts ordinary fuel oils like gasoline, diesel and naphtha into smaller molecules by treating them with a physical method.

Generally, fuel oil is composed of many hydrocarbon high polymers. But the associate structure of these high-molecular compounds can be disconnected to reduce their molecular weight.

“It took me dozens of years to develop this device as I am not an expert. When I was working at a vehicle company, I developed a keen interest in fuel oil,” said Pak Kang Ho, worker and developer of the device.

While delving into the properties of fuel oil, he made an anti-freezing liquid and thought of recycling fuel oils whose sensitive time was expired and extracting fuel from plastic wastes so as to prevent environmental pollution. In the course of this, he came up with an idea of turning fuel oil compounds into smaller molecules like water.

According to research findings, low-molecule fuel oils considerably improve combustion efficiency to generate more energy, reduce fuel oil consumption and avoid environmental pollution.

Also, the reduction of their molecular weight lowers their freezing point to ensure instant starting of engines in winter and decreases the amount of harmful exhaust gas to positively affect environmental protection.

Pilot schemes at several units proved that the device can save 15 to 40 percent of fuel oil and improve fuel quality to raise the operating rate of machines and engines.

The fuel oil treatment device obtained a national patent last year.

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