Competent Teacher, Pride of School

Pak Un Gyong is a competent teacher at the Haeun Technical Senior Middle School in Phyongchon District, Pyongyang. She is a pride of the school.

She creates new teaching methods and makes teaching aids with fresh ideas to suit the psychological characteristics of students.

Her unique teaching methods prove effective all the time, helping students develop their creative cogitative faculty and ability to apply what they learn to practice.

Every evening, she prepares for the next-day lessons by choosing questions to ask and teaching aids to use on the basis of the correct evaluation of students’ intellectual level.

She adopts unexpected teaching methods or combines different methods freely and flexibly according to the cognition of students.

Pak Un Gyong says: “Only when the teachers steadily improve their qualifications to create and introduce more valuable and useful teaching methods, can they train erudite and versatile talents demanded by the times, I think.”

Many schools are now introducing her peculiar new teaching methods combined with the reality.

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