Successes Made in Management and Training of Talented Personnel

In recent years the Ryongnam Dockyard in Nampo City of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been putting great efforts into the management and training of talented personnel.

The dockyard regards the management and training of talented personnel as a prospective work concerning its future destiny.

The sci-tech learning space in the dockyard serves as a centre for preparing the talented personnel.

It has hundreds of thousand scientific and technological data by job classification, which are updated by certain periods.

In the sci-tech learning space not only officials and technicians of the dockyard but also the skilled and other workers are acquiring advanced technologies needed for their jobs.

The dockyard is doing the work to find out talented personnel and assign the right man in the right place under a scrupulous plan. For example, it boldly appointed a designer with short term of entrance to be the head of a section to make a great progress in the development of the designing programs.

Thanks to the positive role of the talented personnel, the dockyard, once engaged mainly in the repair of ships, has turned into a base building big ships at will.

All the employees take an active part in the development of new technologies to make technical innovations in succession. As a result, more and more talented personnel are produced.

Very optimistic is the future of the Ryongnam Dockyard.

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