Human Rights

Lives in Sewer Under “Glittering Lights”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

The United States is often chanting “public welfare”.

Then, are the Americans truly enjoying a happy life?

A recent article carried by a foreign press revealed that this is far from the reality of the U.S. society.

According to that, tens of thousands of Americans are barely making a living in the sewers of Las Vegas, a notorious gambling city of the U.S.

This mass-scale sewerage network extending as far as 460 km serves as “home” for the poor.

While the rich, who are gathered from every corner, are squandering time and money on gambling on the ground, many people underground are eking out day after day, rummaging in garbage.

A young couple confessed that they set up a “house” in the sewers, in a space covering 40㎡. They usually sleep during the daytime and when it gets dark, they come out of the “house” and go to “work” to the dumping ground, where they find some leftovers and useful stuff to make a living.

They lamented their miserable situation as follows:

It is garbage only to those who dump it. To those who find it, it is treasure. You can get the minimum cost to scratch a living through all-night searching, sorting and selling. Our four-year-old son died, unable to afford treatment.

This is only a tip of the iceberg amid the desperate plight of the people in this sewer.

Even at this moment, in the underground of Las Vegas, a number of people are suffering from various sorts of diseases caused by the stench of filthy water and damp, and do not dare to go to hospital but only wait for the mortal hour for they cannot afford medical care.

When the drainage system in the sewerage network fails due to flood or other disasters, there even occurs a disaster killing tens or hundreds of people at a time. Moreover, nobody takes care of the corpse, thus the sewerage is turning into a living hell to the letter.

More shocking is the fact that such a living hell exists not only in the city of Las Vegas but also in every metropolis in the U.S. including New York City and Washington D.C.

The life of the Americans above the ground makes a striking contrast with the one under the ground – this is a telltale evidence of reactionary nature of American society where “the rich get ever richer and the poor get ever poorer”.

Hence, the media from many countries are bemoaning miserable plights of human rights of the U.S. to this effect:

Under the ground of flamboyant metropolis of the U.S., there exists the entity which is completely contrary to the concept of “public welfare”-the term that is advocated to the entire world by the U.S. at the top of its voice, and that it is the actual situation of the U.S in which tens of thousands of the ordinary people are suffering from the living condition that is worse than that of mice till the end of their lives.

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