By Making Use of Bacterial Strain

Today the rapid development of bionics plays an important role in the development of medicines and the production of foodstuffs.

Here is Jon Yong Sun, Section Chief of the Bioengineering Branch of the State Academy of Sciences.

“Recently researches are active in many countries to develop efficacious medicines and functional foodstuffs. This time we have developed a new medicine by separating the useful bacteria with high physiological activity from man’s intestines. Now the medicine is enjoying popularity as it is effective in improving the health of children and other people.”

They have long intensified the research into Bifidobacterium and in this course, developed health medicines such as the Bifidobacterium yeast-powder medicine and the Bifidobacterium capsuled pill.

Basing themselves on the successes, they’ve recently developed a Bifido lactic bacterium tonic pill. Pooling their speculation and pursuit, they separated the Bifido bacterial strain and established a scientific method of culture.

The newly-separated Bifido bacterial strain has high physiological activity while accounting for many of the intestinal bacteria.

The medicine combining the new Bifido bacterial strain and different kinds of lactic bacteria raises the antibiosis and digestibility in the human body. It is also effective in enhancing the functions of immunity, cardiovascular system and endocrine system.

Researcher Kim Chol Man says: “The success in the research we made this time is not so big. We still have many things to do in order to make research findings conducive to improving the health of the children and other people. We will keep striving to develop a larger number of efficacious bio-medicines good for people’s health in the future, too.”

The scientists of the Bioengineering Branch always set a high goal of research and do their best to contribute to the development of bionics of the country.

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