Blessed Triplets

The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital is called as the home of women and the happy cradle of children.

The first triplets were born in September Juche 69 (1980) in less than two months after the inauguration of the maternity hospital. The 518th triplets were born in the hospital in July this year.

The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital has special departments in charge of the birth and health care of the triplets and quadruplets.

Thanks to the benefits of the socialist public health system for women in multiple pregnancy, those women confirmed to be pregnant with triplets are allowed to receive special medical services in the maternity hospital according to their will.

They are provided with meals of high nutritive value as well as valuable tonics including honey according to the standard of supply specially set by the state. Nearly 30 medical workers including operator, helpers and midwives help a woman with her childbirth.

Ri Ok Son, mother of the 513th triplets, has this to say: “I entered the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital in December last year after I was confirmed to be pregnant with triplets. I had three daughters at a birth and left the hospital in late May after hospitalization for more than 150 days.

At that time doctors and nurses took good care of my daughters like their parents.”

Baby Department No. 3 of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital is taking care of the health of the triplets. One doctor and three nurses look after a baby. After all, triplets grow up under the care of three doctors and nine nurses. The department nurses triplets until the smallest baby weighs four kilograms.

Dozens of consultations are said to have been held for the normal growth and health of the 513th triplets from their birth to discharge from the hospital.

Wishing them a happy future, the state gives a silver-decorated knife to boys and a gold ring to girls as gifts when the triplets are born. Their birthdays are written on the gifts. Besides, the state provides them with different necessities and nutritive foods as gifts.

Every of the 513th triplets has been provided with a gold ring.

After leaving the hospital, the triplets are under the care of one doctor and three nurses at the state expense until they are four years old.

All these benefits and medical aids are free.

Ri Ok Son says: “I’ve seen the news of triplets on television or newspapers. But this time I gave birth to triplets under the great loving care of the state. In this course I have keenly felt the great, warm and endless love for the children, the triplets in particular. Best is our socialist system.”

The state benefits given to the 513th triplets for seven months are no more than a beginning. Greater love and happiness are in store for them.

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