Step-by-Step Approach Bears Tangible Results

The Sonhung Foodstuff Factory has made steady progress by improving its mode of business management for 20-odd years.

“In its early days, our factory had only some facilities. But now it has dozens of production processes and produces various kinds of foodstuffs,” said manageress Ri Hui Suk.

By giving priority to producing foodstuffs with locally-abundant acorns, it raised funds to provide itself with modern facilities, establish processes one by one and increase the variety of products.

At present, the factory has more than 20 processes for producing candy, cake, bread, chocolate, soda pop, ice cream and instant noodles. The variety of its products has been increased dozens of times more than that in its initial period.

In order to steadily promote commodity circulation and expanded reproduction, it directs special attention to improving the quality of products and lowering the costs.

Five articles were awarded the December 15 Medal of Quality and over 110 others registered as February 2 Products. Its germ-free and fully automated production processes received the quality management system and food safety management system certificates.

It worked out more than 1,000 appraisal standards and regulations according to production processes and sectors ranging from purchase of raw materials to packaging to place respective responsibility for products on every employee and correctly assess their achievements. In particular, it shows deeper appreciation to those who presented the technical innovation plans contributing to developing new products and improving their quality so as to make the technical innovation drive the work of the masses themselves.

This year alone witnessed scores of new technical proposals for producing tasty foodstuffs using oktang sugar, corn syrup, the fruit of Schizandra chinensis and other locally-available materials.

At present, the factory pays increasing amounts of money due to the state and the living standards of its employees are increasing constantly.

“Taking a step-by-step approach like an ant gnawing at a bone and making remarkable achievements—this can be said to be the mode of business management of our factory,” said chief engineer Tu Song Hui.

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