Foreign Affairs

Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of CC, WPK Gives Statement to Media

Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, gave a statement to media on the 24th.

The statement reads:

President Moon Jae In proposed the issue of declaring the termination of war again at the 76th UN General Assembly.

I think the declaration of termination of war is an interesting proposal and a good idea in the meaning of terminating physically the unstable cease-fire of the Korean peninsula which has been lasting for a long time and revoking the hostility toward the opponent.

We discussed the declaration of termination of war on several occasions in the past as we sympathized with the necessity and significance of the declaration, the foundation for establishing a peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula.

Of course, the declaration of termination of war is not bad.

But it will be good to watch first if it is an appropriate time and all conditions are satisfactory enough to make such discussion.

It is illogical that those countries which have taken a hostile attitude for more than half a century declare the termination of war, ignoring everything that may be a spark of war, when double standard and prejudice, hostile policy and speech against our state have been lasting as now.

In my opinion, it may be urgent to somebody to read out the declaration of termination of war and take pictures with feigned smile, ignoring the present inequality and the serious antagonistic relationship and hostile relations caused by it, but it has no genuine meaning and even though the termination of war is declared, nothing will be changed.

If the termination of war is declared, it is necessary to ensure respect for each other and withdraw first the biased point of view, serious hostile policy and unequal double standard toward the other side.

It is also necessary to discard such double and illogical prejudice and bad habit and hostile attitude as embellishing the oughtness and validity of their acts and doggedly slandering our just exercise of right to self-defence.

When such preconditions are given, we will be able to sit face to face with each other to declare the significant termination of war and discuss the issue on the inter-Korean relations, the future of the Korean peninsula.

As it always says, south Korea should bother its brain about how to make such a condition if it truly wants a durable and complete peace to settle firmly on the Korean peninsula.

We are willing to keep close communications between the north and the south again and make constructive discussion on the restoration of the relations and the prospect of their development if south Korea keeps away from the past when it found fault with us while frequently getting on our nerves, making obstinate assertion with double standard and taking issue with each and every case, ponders over its future speech every time and does not take a hostile attitude toward us.

September 24, Juche 110 (2021)

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