Everybody Likes the “Spring Water for Longevity”

A lot of spring water is found in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which is good for the improvement and protection of the people’s health. For example, the Ryongaksan Spring Water is popular among the capital citizens.

It is recognized as the water specially efficacious for various diseases, as it contains appropriate amounts of ingredients good for human body.

From olden times, the area of Mt. Ryongak was known as a place with many macrobians for its beautiful scenery and good quality of water.

The Ryongaksan Spring Water Factory was built in Juche 96 (2007). Since then the Ryongaksan Spring Water has been mass-produced in an industrial way for the capital citizens.

The factory boosted the production systematically, while newly building, increasing and remodelling production processes to satisfy the demand of the capital citizens.

The respected Kim Jong Un visited the factory on September 29, Juche 105 (2016).

He learned in detail about the production of the factory whose capacity had been doubled and the hygienic safety of the spring water before tasting it.

Looking round different places of the factory, he was very pleased with the hygienic environment of the production sites on the highest level. He stressed time and again that the officials should work in the spirit of devoted service for the people.

That day, he solved the issue of transport means to supply the capital citizens with the spring water without interruption.

That was how the Ryongaksan Spring Water became popular among the capital citizens.

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