Making Herself a Human Shield

The anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk was born into a patriotic and revolutionary family on December 24, Juche 6 (1917). She was the closest revolutionary comrade-in-arms of the great leader Kim Il Sung.

She regarded it as her lifelong mission to ensure the safety of Kim Il Sung from her enlistment in the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army in September Juche 24 (1935) till the last moment of her life in September Juche 38 (1949).
The following happened at the entrance to Dashahe in Antu County in June Juche 29 (1940).

The unit of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army led by Kim Il Sung was about to cross a river, when it encountered enemy troops of the “Sinsondae Band” organized with vicious elements. The situation was very critical.

Kim Il Sung took out a Mauser, ordered a countercharge toward the hill and commanded the battle on a rock of the hillside.

Kim Jong Suk sharply watched the surroundings for his safety and found out five or six enemy soldiers in a reed field levelling guns at the hillside. She swiftly threw herself before Kim Il Sung to be a human shield.

She safeguarded Kim Il Sung at the risk of her life in many other battles including those in Hongqihe and at a col.
Afterwards, when recalling the days of the anti-Japanese war, Kim Il Sung impressively said he had miraculously survived the deadly crisis several times thanks to Kim Jong Suk.

It was her will not to miss even one of thousands of enemy muzzles aiming at the headquarters but to make herself a firm human shield for blocking them.

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