Field Guidance to the Construction Site of a Power Station

Hydropower stations are being built in many parts of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to fully meet the daily-increasing demand for electricity.

In North Hamgyong Province, a large-scale hydropower station is under construction on Orang Stream.

When the power station is built, a lot of electricity will be generated and a tens of kilometre-long waterway formed to irrigate thousands of hectares of farmland, providing high economic effectiveness. Besides, several artificial lakes will be formed, adding beauty to the surroundings.

On July 12, Juche 107 (2018), the respected Kim Jong Un crossed rugged mountains to visit the construction site of the Orangchon Power Station despite sultriness.

The first leg of his visit was the construction site of the Phalhyang Dam, the major part of the project.

The dam project started long ago but little progress was made as the conditions were unfavourable and a lot of investment was needed.

Kim Jong Un acquainted himself with the problems arising in the construction of the Phalhyang Dam and took measures to finish the project as early as possible. He saw to it that the equipment and materials needed for construction of the power station were supplied in time and the working rate of vehicles and construction machinery at the construction site of the dam raised to thoroughly ensure the speed and quality of the construction.

Looking round Unit 5 of the Orangchon Power Station nearing its completion, he stressed the need to install modern generating equipment with high efficiency and operate them at full capacity in order to steadily increase the electric power production.

That day, he stressed once again that the whole Party and state should concentrate efforts on the construction of the Orangchon Power Station to complete it.

And he praised the builders of the power station for having done a lot of work with pure conscience, whether they were recognized or not, in the difficult situation of the state. And then he called upon all people across the country to dynamically turn out in the general drive, keeping step with the builders of the power station.

In hearty response to his appeal, the whole country seethed with the construction.

The builders of the power station, in particular, introduced new construction methods to push ahead with the project as scheduled by breaking the custom that the dam cannot be built in winter. As a result, they wonderfully completed the Phalhyang Dam in October next year and finished the generating room project of Unit 4 of the Orangchon Power Station in November that year.

The inaugural ceremony of the Phalhyang Dam was held on December 4, Juche 108 (2019).

The field guidance given by Kim Jong Un to the construction site of the Orangchon Power Station was the motive force that encouraged the people across the country to make miracles and innovations.

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