Disabled Persons

Disabled Soldier Enjoys Public Respect

Ri Kwang Sop (second from left) on a visit to the family of an honoured disabled soldier.

The Korean people find the worth of their life in devoting themselves to society, the collective and the country.

Ri Kwang Sop, an honoured disabled soldier living in Sunchon City of South Phyongan Province, is one of them.

Though he was demobbed as he was injured by an unexpected accident during his military service, he recovered from the injury with a great effort of will and is now doing good works for society.

He is now in charge of a livestock farming base under a unit.

“It was really an uphill struggle to build the livestock farming base. I had some experience of animal husbandry in the army, but it was quite different from running a special livestock farming base,” said Ri.

He made strenuous efforts to build animal houses and secured breeding pigs, chickens, turkeys and other domestic animals.

In collaboration with an animal husbandry research unit, he markedly increased the proportion of non-cereal feed and invented a feed grass cutter. Several years later a protein feed breeding ground and fish farm appeared.

“The fattening rate of poultry jumped right after the protein feed breeding ground was built. The key to production rise was to steadily introduce advanced technologies,” he said.

He paid special attention to the anti-epizootic work and positively applied Koryo treatment methods by using locally available medicinal herbs.

His farm overfulfilled its production plan each year and became an example to other livestock farming units.

“He wanted to repay the favour bestowed on honoured disabled soldiers by the country which gives preferential treatment and offers social benefits to them uninterruptedly even in hard times. He worked harder after our daughter took part in the joint national meeting of the Korean Children’s Union organizations in celebration of the 66th founding anniversary of the KCU amid the blessings of the whole country and had a photo taken with the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un,” said his wife Kim Sun Hwa.

Ri visited major construction sites, units of the Korean People’s Army and Mangyongdae Revolutionary School to deliver lots of aid materials and other supplies.

Dozens of certificates of assistance he and his family were awarded clearly show his pure conscience and tireless effort for nearly a decade to devote himself to the prosperity of the country.

“As the same honoured disabled soldier, I am really impressed with what he had done for the country. Ri is still living in the spirit of sacrificing himself for national defence without hesitation as he did during his military service. He is just the example to be followed by us honoured disabled soldiers,” said Ri Chang Gyong, a special-class honoured disabled soldier living in Sunchon City.

Ri Kwang Sop, a deputy to the city people’s assembly, is now respected by all as a meritorious person of socialist patriotism.

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