Foreign Affairs

Chief of External Information Section of Information Department of MFA Gives Answer to Question Raised by KCNA

The Chief of the External Information Section of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea gave an answer to the question raised by the Korean Central News Agency on the 20th as regards the US decision on handing over the nuclear-powered submarine building technology to Australia.

He said:

Recently the United States has established a tripartite security partnership with the United Kingdom and Australia and decided to transfer the nuclear-powered submarine building technology to Australia. It is a very uninteresting and dangerous act of destroying the strategic balance of the Asia-Pacific region and triggering off a series of nuclear arms race.

It is extremely natural that our surrounding states including China denounced the recent behaviour of the United States as an irresponsible act of destroying the regional peace and stability and the international nuclear nonproliferation system and aggravating the arms race.

Even the allies of the United States criticize that it is “a ruthless, unilateral and unpredictable decision” and “a treacherous act of plunging a knife into their back”.

A spokesman for the White House said this decision is “for security of the Indian-Pacific region”. His speech is an assertion that any country may proliferate the nuclear technology if it corresponds to its interests. It shows that the United States is the mastermind of destroying the international nuclear nonproliferation system.

The double standard of the United States which is revealed more intensively after the new Administration’s assumption to power destroys the universal international norm and order and seriously threatens the global peace and stability.

The prevailing situation confirms once again that in order to cope with the changing international security environment it is necessary not to slacken even a moment the work for strengthening the national defence capabilities in a long-range view.

We are making a serious analysis of the background and prospect of such US decision and if it exerts a negative influence on the security of our state even a little, we will cope with it at any cost.

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