Foodstuff Industry

Well-Known Foodstuff Production Enterprise

The Sonhung Foodstuff Factory in Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang City is widely known at home as a comprehensive foodstuff production enterprise winning popularity of the Korean people.

When it was inaugurated more than 20 years ago, the factory was producing only 10 kinds of foodstuffs.

After modernizing its production processes in an overall way, however, the factory is producing hundreds of kinds of foodstuffs.

Of them, different kinds of products were awarded the December 15 Quality Medal and over 110 kinds of products registered as the February 2 Goods, the best goods at home.

Different kinds of bread, fried glutinous rice cake, confectionery, instant noodles, ice cream and drinks are sold at Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 and other department stores and shops across the country, which are in high demand.

What is peculiar in the production activities of the Sonhung Foodstuff Factory is that the quality of the products is consistently kept on a high level.

Relying on the wisdom and ability of the producers, the factory is developing and producing the foodstuffs according to the demand of consumers.

First of all, it attaches special importance to giving full play to the creativity of its employees.

It has put the standard of each product on a scientific basis and accordingly, urges the producers to strictly observe it. All the units including the management office and production workteams have detailed rules on quality control and they are carrying out daily production and financial review in a substantial way according to them. After all, the employees of the factory strive to ensure the qualitative indices before the production quotas.

The factory also collects the opinions of the consumers on a regular basis to thoroughly apply them to the production and business activities. The factory does not rest content with it but matures better ideas to develop new products and guarantee their qualitative level.

It is a common understanding of the officials and employees of the factory that when they make products favoured by the people, the commodity circulation and expanded reproduction can be fully ensured and rapid progress be made.

The factory is working hard to produce a greater number of famous products and commodities favoured by people.

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