Valuable Title

The respected Kim Jong Un visited an islet defence detachment on November 10, Juche 105 (2016).

He learned in detail about the life of the soldiers and the education of children of the officers and all of a sudden, asked if there was any branch school on the islet.

Told that there was a branch school, he said to officials that they should acquaint themselves with the education to solve the knotty problems in time, and continued:

I was told that many graduates of universities and colleges volunteer to teach at islet branch schools. They are all patriots.

That day, Kim Jong Un had a photo taken with the children and teachers of the branch school as well as the service personnel of the islet defence detachment and their families.

So deep was his love for the educators who are working with pure conscience.

In September the next year, he invited to the capital Pyongyang those teachers who had volunteered to work on the islets and in forefront areas and mountain villages. He provided them with kind gifts, gave them official commendations and had a photo session with them.

The teachers were beside themselves with joy.

Kim Jong Un said they are devotedly working with pure conscience, seen or unseen and recognized or not and he takes off his hat to their ardent patriotism. He stressed that the whole society should speak highly of them and learn from them.

Keeping the valuable title of patriot deep in their hearts, the teachers are devoting themselves to the education of the rising generations.

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