Family Life

Family That Cultivates 400-Odd Plants

There is a one-storeyed house with distinctive features among similar houses in Kosan-dong, Taesong District, Pyongyang.

Surrounded by the rambler hedge, it has a courtyard densely covered with various species of flowers and well-trimmed ornamental plants, and a pond teeming with goldfish. The house resembles a cosy park, or even a little botanical garden.

The owner of the house is Ri Jin Ho, 43, working at the forest research institute under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection.

Ri’s father liked to cultivate flowers and trees, and his horticultural practice exerted great influence to his offspring, and Jin Ho, the second son, was more than enthusiastic about it.

Since he has been working at the forest research institute, he broadened his knowledge and experience in horticulture.

For four years since 2015 he planted nearly 30 species of plants in the yard and potted several hundred trees in the backyard.

He never skips tending the plants from early morning. And he says tending the plants demands not only scientific principles but also devotion.

His house is always crowded with people from nearby residential quarters and even far places in the city to secure flower seeds and tree saplings. It is also a favourite subject for artists.

Ri’s wife’s gardening skills are also not inferior to professional horticulturists.

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