Foodstuff Industry

Factory Develops New Products With Local Materials

“We have brought out more than 30 new products in seven kinds this year,” said Kim Un Hui, manageress of the O-il General Health Drink Factory.

The factory formed a competent team for the development of new products. It includes experts in the fields of foodstuff, biology, information technology and automation as well as mechanical engineers.

The developers set it as their main task to replace imported materials with domestic ones and to develop products with different functions.

During this effort, they obtained starch, fat and stabilizer for ice-lolly production from locally-abundant glutinous rice, pine nut, peanut, soybean, farina and others. As a result, they maintained the smoothness, savoury taste and resistance to melting of ice-lollies made with domestic materials.

The factory’s new functional products include sugar-free soya milk, yogurt and Kumdang ice-lolly.

The sugar-free soya milk was developed in the course of soya kefir production at a new production line established last year, and it has become a favourite of diabetics.

“The brand ‘O-il’ is associated with only drinks in the minds of customers, but we have newly built health food production lines this year,” said Jin Song Sim, a section chief of the factory.

These lines produce collagen good for skincare and compound lactobacilli powder for women, among others.

The factory is also making a biological reactor, water purifier and vacuum concentrator needed for the development of new products.

“As the O-il-brand products always maintain their taste and quality, they are the most sought-after foodstuffs here,” said a saleswoman at Pyongyang Department Store No. 1.

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