Family Life

Efforts Devoted to Afforestation

The noble mentality of those who make a substantial contribution to prosperity of the country has become a good model of the era.

A family in Unsan County, North Phyongan Province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been taking care of thousands of hectares of forest for nearly 70 years.

They have devoted themselves to afforestation down through generations. Their devoted efforts have become the root of the green woods to form a thick forest.

Tens of years ago, this mining district was filled only with stones and rocks. It was Kang Yun Gyong who started to plant trees there. He made holes in rocks for humus-cakes and planted saplings one by one.

He tried hard to plant more trees. Seeing him, his son Kang Yong Su has grown up and followed in his father’s footsteps. The trees they cultivated with their sweat and efforts have now grown to be giant trees.

The forest thick with trees of good species including pine-nut trees and larch has more and more useful animals of different kinds, adding beauty to its scenery.

Today their descendants are devoting themselves to afforestation in order to make this land thicker with green woods.
Kang Chol says: “I will devote all my life to turning the mountains of the country into golden and treasure ones, always keeping deep in my heart that I can become a true patriot remembered by the motherland only when I work with love for the country like my grandfather and father.”

The mountains and fields of the country get more beautiful thanks to those people who value every blade of grass and every tree on this land and devote themselves to taking care of the green woods.

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