Foreign Affairs

Double Standard of United States is Main Obstacle to Settlement of Issue of Korean Peninsula

The international affairs commentator Kim Myong Chol issued an article under the title “Double standard of the United States is a main obstacle to the settlement of issue of the Korean peninsula.”

The article said:

Recently, the United States raised a fuss, describing our self-defensive actions as a “threat to international peace and security.”

It is an arrogant and self-justified attitude and intensive expression of the American way of double standard that the United States slandered our self-defensive measures defining them as an “armed provocation” aimed at a certain object synchronizing with specific time.

The United States is till obsessed with an anachronistic conception that the world must obey its standard.

The US arbitrariness is beyond the limit now.

The United States abuses every act of the anti-imperialist independent countries and antagonizes them, while actively patronizing some countries no matter how they violate international laws and aggravate regional situation.

It is because of its double standard that the United states beautifies “independent forces” and rioters of other country as “fighters” and brands the US demonstrators against racial discrimination as rowdies.

The US double standard is most intensively expressed on the Korean peninsula.

As to the firing accidentally took place at the same time on the Korean peninsula, the United States slandered that the ‘North Korean action is a threat to the United States and the international community” while keeping silence to south Korea’s action.

The US partial action rooted in abnormal negation of our state is an obstacle to the settlement of the issue of the Korean peninsula and catalyzer of aggravated tension.

It is also because of the US double standard that stalemate of the DPRK-US dialogue is continuing.

We know of course that the new US administration has sent us signals for the dialogue for several months. We also know it too well that the United States is misleading the public as if the responsibility for the failed resumption of the DPRK-US dialogue rests on us.

We have never opposed the dialogue itself.

It is evident, however, that dialogue based on respect, fairness and equality for the dialogue partner cannot be ensured unless the United States gives up its double standard.

Even though the contact and dialogue are made right now, the United States will undoubtedly raise the double standard branding our self-defensive actions as a “threat” to world peace and its allies.

Even if we sit face to face with the United States resorting to the double standard in all issues related with us, it will give time alone to the United States as it wishes without any progress.

What’s the use of talking about dialogue and negotiation right now now that the US hostile policy has never changed and no will change?

The dialogue and pressure are incompatible.

Unless the United States guarantees the withdrawal of its hostile policy, it is not qualified to talk about the denuclearization.

The United States must take a right attitude towards us and give up its habitual attitude of slandering and antagonizing us.

The international community must correctly distinguish the dangerous nature and illegality of the US double standard worsening tension on the Korean peninsula.

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