Foreign Affairs

Collapse of Imperialist Domination System Doomed to Ruin

Ri Song Gun, researcher of the Institute of International Affairs, made public an article under the title “The collapse of the imperialist domination system is the inevitability of history”.

The article said:

The Afghan war started by the United States in 2001 as a prelude to the “war on terror” and the first war in the 21st century came to a close with a hasty rout of the US forces after 20 years of time. The war with a new record of the “longest war in the US history” resulted in the miserable aftereffect alone such as the increase of terrorist acts, the expansion of religious conflicts, the great commotion of refugees and the instability of the regional situation, far from hitting the goal of “extermination of terror” and “establishment of democracy” in Afghanistan.

The terrorist organizations, once remained several in the early days of the war, increased to more than 20 and over 100,000 innocent civilians were killed and 10 million refugees produced by the reckless military operations. The catastrophic reality in Afghanistan plunged the United States deep into the bottomless swamp of war and, eventually, forced the United States to take emergency flight in a bid to prevent the colossal consumption of its resources and “bleeding” of the economy.

As the alleged strength of the United States has been broken to pieces with the Afghan situation as a momentum, the relations of alliance of the capitalist countries subordinated by the United States are rapidly collapsing. The United States disregarded without hesitation the Kabul regime it had looked after for tens of years and fled from Afghanistan without any agreement with its NATO allies that shared the “bloody fight” with itself. Such selfish and perfidious attitude of the United States increased frustration and distrust of its allies and vassal nations in the US commitment to security.

It is a serious lesson taught by the Afghan incident that the collective security system chanted by the United States is no more than a mechanism for its own interests and the blind cow-tow to the US brings only shame and ruin. In the long run, the recent development serves as a decisive occasion in hastening the self-ruin of unipolar hegemonic structure, the old international order, established by the United States after the Second World War.

Any country and nation on the globe does not want to live under the pressure of and domination by outsiders. It is the independent rights and common aspiration of all countries and nations to foster their strength and develop in their own way. The US domination system checking the independent development and forcing the Yankee view of value and order upon other countries and nations is at stake due to the struggle of the peoples of all countries to safeguard their culture, tradition and mode of development and the advance of the newly-emerging great powers.

It is the law of development of history that imperialism falls into decay and ruin and the humanity aspires after socialism. The history makes its advance by the struggle of the popular masses demanding independence and justice in the 21st century, too, in the wake of the 20th century.

The collapse of the imperialist domination system is an irresistible inevitability of history, the article stressed.

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