North Pyongyan Province

Teacher Devotes Herself at Remote Mountain Village

Ro Yong Bok (pictured) has been teaching for 16 years at Yaksan Senior Middle School in Nyongbyon County.

She made remarkable educational successes even old teachers would be surprised at, though her career was not longer than that of those who devoted their whole life to education.

She created dozens of new educational methods, delivered scores of county-level demonstration lectures, earned the title of central October 8 model lecturer, first-class teacher’s qualification and so on.

Such successes are attributed to her painstaking speculation and efforts.

“In fact, I had no idea to become a teacher after graduating from a university. But I came to this remote mountain village following my husband after marriage and I took it as my duty to become a teacher,” said Ro Yong Bok.

Ro graduated from Kim Il Sung University. She could be enrolled at the university thanks to the strenuous efforts of teachers in her middle school days.

“At that time our teachers paid lots of efforts to teach us. Mathematics and foreign language teachers were all married women with families to care for, but they came to the school early every morning to learn about our preview and after school hours they led us to fully understand one by one what we have learned. Their appearance made me understand what a teacher is,” Ro Yong Bok recalled.

Ro teaches natural science including physics that students find it hard to understand.

“Practice makes everything perfect. So I usually organize experiments and practical training by bringing teaching contents closer to the reality so as to make students experience what they have learned at lessons.

To fully understand students’ psychology is one of her priorities.

She always places herself into students’ position to make students have interest in lessons to suit their psychology.

Always making exact demands on herself, she has never neglected attention to education and edification for students even when she got sick or when she was busy with household chores.

Thanks to her efforts, the class in her charge has always won good results at the school-wide academic contest and many graduates are performing feats or rendering distinguished services at their posts including school of higher grade, posts for national defence and socialist construction sites.

“My desire as an educationist is to teach students as famous ones to be remembered by all people and give satisfaction to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un,” said Ro Yong Bok.

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