Foreign Affairs

Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of WPK CC Releases Press Statement

Press statement of Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea

According to a report, President Moon Jae In of south Korea who saw the missile launching test reportedly released such unreasonable remarks that “our missile capacity is enough to deter north Korea’s ‘provocation'”.

If his misstatement as report says is true, it is too ignorant for the “President” of a “state”.

It is very regrettable that the “President” says such words as “provocation” what the reporters like to use.

What we did this time is not a timely “provocation” against the other as south Korea suggests but a normal self-defensive action for carrying out the main task of the first year of the 5-year plan for the development of defence science and weapon system as part of the work to implement the decision of the Party Congress.

Telling the truth, it is little different from the “mid-term defence plan” of south Korea.

If south Korea admits by itself that the “mid-term defence plan” is an undesirable one aimed at specific object and worsening tension on the Korean peninsula, we may think it acceptable and natural that it slanders our plan and action.

As far as we know, the present south Korean “President” is the “President” loving to say that peace must be backed by powerful strength.

We express regret over his illogical and ignorant attitude that describes our action as a threat to peace and their similar action as a just action for supporting peace and cannot but worry about the future development of inter-Korean relations.

If the “President” himself joins in slandering the opponent, a counteraction would be followed and the inter-Korean relations totally ruptured.

We don’t want it.

Speech must be prudent.

It is not perhaps what the “President’ would do to boast of the “strength” to win “north Korea”.

September 15, Juche 110 (2021)

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