DPRK Premier Makes Field Survey of Different Sectors of National Economy

Kim Tok Hun, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Premier of the Cabinet of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, made a field survey of different sectors of the national economy.

He went round Hakhung-ri and Tongha-ri of Ryongchon County and Naejung-ri of Yomju County seething with the work to implement the decisions of the Third Enlarged Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Eighth Party Central Committee on concluding this year’s farming properly to learn about the present farming.

He stressed the need to manure and cultivate the paddy and non-paddy fields in a responsible way to cope with the disastrous abnormal climate and keep concentrating efforts on maximizing the yield and thus conclude this year’s farming with success and make foresighted preparations for next year’s farming.

At the construction site of the Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District Kim Tok Hun touched on ensuring formative and artistic value of afforestation with good species of trees and flower shrubs and taking detailed scientific and technological measures for making lawns and managing greenbelts since a model of terraced residential districts has been created thanks to the noble love of the WPK for the people.

The consultative meetings held on the spot discussed practical issues arising in mobilizing forces to harvesting and thrashing and improving the agricultural management method in line with the demand of the developing reality. It also organized a specific work to do afforestation around the Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District and in parks on the River Pothong in good harmony with the surrounding scenery yet in a unique way.

Kim Tok Hun also called at Kim Chaek University of Technology to discuss practical issues arising in carrying out the plan to further develop it into the first-class university, a university of research type.

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