Challenge to Principle of “One China”

Kim Myong Chol, commentator on international affairs, released an article under the title “Challenge to the Principle of ‘One China'”.

The article reads:

These days the United States openly meddles in the issue of Taiwan as part of the offensive of its pressure on China, threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China.

In April last, the US Administration made public a new guideline of relaxing restrictions on travel to Taiwan and encouraging intergovernmental contact. In June it tacitly permitted senators of the US Congress to go to Taiwan by military plane under the pretext of “supply of vaccines”.

In mid-July the US Administration sent its military plane for special operations and transport plane to the Taiwan Airport in succession and in August, decided to sell latest military equipment worth 750 million US dollars.

It is hell-bent on encouraging the “independent” forces of Taiwan with the open announcement that it is going to invite the “President” of Taiwan to an international “meeting”. It also schemes to form a structure of international pressure on China by implicating Japan, south Korea, Europe and other allies in the issue of Taiwan.

The United States is clinging to the acute Taiwan issue with the ulterior aim of using it as means of pressure on China to deter its growth, divide and disintegrate the country and in the end, to obliterate its socialist system.

To prevent the division of the country and achieve reunification is an issue on the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of China. Nobody has the right to interfere in it.

The US moves clearly show the true colours of the American empire which leaves no stone unturned to realize its dishonest purpose.

Now China strongly deals with the moves of the United States seeking perpetual division of the country.

The Chinese party and government denounced the US moves as an open challenge to the principle of “one China” and the three joint communiques between China and the United States and as an outrageous act of violating the core interests of China. They solemnly clarified a will to repulse the moves of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad and solve the issue of Taiwan and thus achieve the country’s reunification.

Their stand of resolutely opposing the attempt of the outsiders to rig up “two Chinas” and defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity enjoys full support of the Korean people.

The United States crazy for preparations to provoke a new war is resorting to its tenacious moves to perpetuate the division of the Korean nation and territory and destroy the regional peace and stability, while constantly beefing up its armed forces in and around the Korean peninsula.

The Korean people reject the US interference in internal affairs and moves for national division and will always be with the Chinese people on the road of defending the cause of socialism.

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