Electric Power Industry

True to the Title of Socialist Patriotic Youth

“Our young people never content themselves with the fulfilment of their regular jobs,” said Ri Kyong Il (pictured), chairman of the primary youth league committee of the Sunchon Thermal Power Station. “It is our unanimous desire that we would contribute to increasing electricity production by leaving a big imprint of patriotism in our youth.”

According to him, the youth league members got more eager to make a contribution to the country’s prosperity in the wake of the tenth congress of the youth league.

The primary committee, in keeping with their enthusiasm, conducts vigorous activities including the extracurricular voluntary youth shock brigade movement and technical innovation youth shock brigade movement, to make the power station bubble with youthful vigour.

This year alone, they built several blocks of production and other buildings and recently started the construction of a slag settling pond.

The construction site is resounding with lively and dynamic songs of youth coming from car-mounted loudspeakers, bulletins which are replaced with new ones very fast and words of encouragement. Therefore, all workers at the station lavish praise on the young people.

Successes are also made in the technical innovation youth shock brigade movement led by Ri.

They solved a dozen scientific and technological problems this year, including a technical innovation for increasing the combustion efficiency of coal and ensuring a high operation rate of boiler, thereby contributing to the increase of electricity output.

“Trust musters strength in us. The Party committee of the power station and all the workers regard our small achievements with acknowledgement and give us encouragement. Our young people will take the lead in hitting the first-year target for the implementation of the new five-year plan and thus live up to the title of socialist patriotic youth,” said Ri Kyong Il.

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