Science and Technology, Lamp Lighting the Road Ahead

The Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering has men of ability distinguishing themselves in scientific research activities.

They are young scientists of the Machine Designing Institute.

Director Choe Tong Il says: “70 percent of the scientists of our institute are young people in their 20s and early 30s. They are the main force of the institute.

We made a lot of researches in the past, of which difficult projects were done by young people.”

It was a few years ago when a modern hygiene goods production process was newly built at the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill.

At that time, the major equipment of the process was the monopoly of some countries, and so the scientists of the institute could not get even the basic technical data.

A photo of it was all they had.

Referring to the photo, they set up thousands of hypotheses to develop the ultramodern equipment. They guessed the exterior of the equipment and tried to imagine the structural features and working principles.

So the research was not easy, but they did not give up.

They plunged themselves deeper into the unknown scientific world with a desire to be pioneers and vanguard leading the development of the machine-building industry of the country.

They persistently investigated even a point and a line to figure out the interior of the equipment and tried to think of necessary parts, unaware of the passage of time.

Thanks to such painstaking pursuit and speculation, the outline of the mysterious equipment showed itself at last.

A rational and ideal design based on a novel idea was made and the equipment manufactured successfully according to the design.

Researcher Kim Chung Guk says: “We will discharge the mission and duty of young scientists in making science and technology become the lamp lighting the road ahead and lead the development.”

All the Korean young scientists think of everything and put it into practice with a will to light the road ahead with their successes in research and creation.

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