Conjugal Educators

Kim Jong Rip, Teacher of Tangsang Primary Middle School, and Han Kum Byol, Teacher of Kim Ju Hyok Senior Middle School, in Mangyongdae District of the capital Pyongyang, are conjugal educators respected by people.

They are devoting their wisdom and passion to education, helping and leading each other forward to make fresh teaching methods and teaching aids.

Here is Han Kum Byol to say: “Every day, we find ourselves busy at schools while giving lectures, guiding the after-school study of students and working out teaching plans. Back home, we also discuss on how to introduce rational teaching methods. Now it has become a daily routine for us.”

Sometimes they sit up all night, studying and completing the teaching methods for raising the scholarly performance of students in accordance with the demand of the developing era and the age and mental qualities of the students.

In those days, Kim Jong Rip and Han Kum Byol were honoured to receive the certificate of new teaching method and the certificate of experimental apparatus and teaching aids invention.

They are devoting their all to implanting the preciousness of the motherland in the minds of schoolchildren.

Here is Han Kum Byol again: “Of course, we deem it our honour to achieve successes in teaching. But we feel a greater pleasure, happiness and pride when we trained a lot of students as pillars of the country.”

Many disciples of theirs are performing feats at posts for national defence and the grand socialist construction sites, bearing in mind the instructions of their teachers.

Kim Jong Rip says: “It is said from olden times that farming is done foreseeing a year, tree planting anticipating 10 years and the educational work looking forward to 100 years. Our attachment to education and pride of being educators make it possible to understand and encourage us each other, I think.”

They are bringing up the students with love and affection, finding their pride in the education of the rising generations. That’s why people praise them as good conjugal educators helping and leading each other forward.

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