Disaster Response

‘Be a First Aid Hero at School and In Your Community’

By Ri Hyok Chol (pictured), health officer of the DPRK Red Cross Society

In human life people would encounter emergency situations: someone may faint or be wounded suddenly due to various causes.

It is needless to say how important first aid treatment is to save lives without a moment’s delay.

At present, natural calamities that occur frequently across the world due to disastrous abnormal weather and traffic accidents of all kinds pose severe threat to personal safety of the people at any time.

This year alone, heavy storm and rain hit several countries, killing or injuring many people.

And those who lose their lives or are wounded in various kinds of traffic accidents reportedly number nearly one million in a year in the world.

According to information available, 90 percent of the people who survived natural disasters and accidents were with the help of the people in the surroundings.

First-aid treatment has really become an essential need not only for oneself, but for all.

For the purpose of encouraging people to learn first-aid treatment and contribute to saving people’s lives, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies set second Saturday of September every year as World First Aid Day in 2000.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has conducted various information and knowledge dissemination activities to inform all members of society of the life-saving FA.

It has selected the theme for this year’s World First Aid Day as “Be a first aid hero at school and in your community”.

As the world still faces serious health crisis caused by the spread of a malignant virus, it encourages learning online and education in families, not the previous dissemination methods like public event, workshop or meeting for exchange of opinions.

The DPRK Red Cross Society will as ever perform various activities positively to disseminate life-saving FA to as many people as possible.

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