South Pyongyan Province

Aviation Club Makes Remarkable Progress

The South Pyongan Provincial Aviation Club, though as good as start-up, is already a focus of public attention for brilliant successes.

In particular, it has emerged as a power in the free flight glider event as it introduced fresh training methods and technology.

“The free flight glider event, like most of other aerial sports, can be said to be a game with air currents. Success or failure in the game depends largely on the correct finding and proper use of them,” said Ju Kwang Chol, coach of the event at the club.

While directing primary efforts into the training for finding ascending currents in complicated weather conditions, the club makes an in-depth study to raise the escape shooting altitude.

It also pays much attention to developing gliders.

The operators of model planes developed a new electronic time control device and refined an escape shooting technology to remarkably raise the ascending altitude as against previously.

They also improved the shapes of the main wings and rear fin aerodynamically to extend the duration of flight and further improve the security and stability of gliders.

“The process of making a glider is just that of studying and understanding its characteristics and a course of training as well. In such a course, the operators acquaint themselves with the features of their gliders and find ways to enhance their control skills. That’s why they are called sportsperson-cum-technicians,” said Choe Ho Song, deputy chief of the club in charge of technical affairs.

The gliders they made were highly appreciated on different occasions.

The club is also acknowledged as a group contending for the top three places in such events as parachute drop on mountains, radio-controlled stunt plane and free flight rubber-propelled plane.

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