Mass Demonstration Staged in Celebration of Founding Anniversary of DPRK

A mass demonstration of the working people and youth and students in the capital Pyongyang was staged on September 9 in celebration of the 73rd founding anniversary of the DPRK.

The area around the plaza of the Arch of Triumph where the mass demonstration would start was crowded with many people who came out to grandly celebrate the significant holiday when the genuine people’s country was founded.

Ri Myong Chol, Secretary of the Pyongyang Municipal Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, made a speech before the demonstration.

He said that on the occasion of the 73rd founding anniversary of the glorious DPRK they would march towards Kim Il Sung Square which shows the history of victory and glory of the state, demonstrating the proud features of the working people vigorously advancing along the road of socialism of Juche. He called upon all to march with the revolutionary will to hasten the future of the DPRK to be prosperous, firmly rallied around the respected Kim Jong Un with one mind and purpose.

At 10 sharp, the mass demonstration started with the column of national flags in the van.

Many citizens applauded the demonstrators along the streets.

The demonstration reached a climax at Kim Il Sung Square.

It fully displayed the extraordinary patriotic zeal and revolutionary spirit of the Korean people to add eternal brilliance to the honour of the DPRK defended at the cost of precious struggle under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, with a great pride and honour of holding him in high esteem at the supreme posts of the Party and the state.

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