Writer Who Loves Cartoon Songs

Cartoons concisely show phenomena of the society and human life and their essence through various arts such as exaggeration, satire and humour.

They are liked by all, young and old.

People usually recall characters and their speeches, songs and other means of portrayal with deep impression, but pay little attention to the creators of cartoons. They do not know well about the writers of the cartoon songs favoured by children in particular.

There is a woman who wrote many cartoon songs at the Korea April 26 Animation Studio.

She is O Yong Ok, writer of the Literary Production Unit of the Studio.

She had a turn for literature from her middle school days. As she hoped, she attended the then writers training course of Kim Hyong Jik University of Education and majored in juvenile songs. After graduation from the university, she was sent to the Korea April 26 Animation Studio, a dignified cartoon producer of the country. Her career as a writer started.

With the unusual tenacity and passion, O Yong Ok worked heart and soul to repay the benefits of the state that trained her as a writer. Every song she wrote was an outcome of her deep speculation and enthusiasm.

Ho Jong Yon, Section Chief of the Korea April 26 Animation Studio, says: “Typical work written by O Yong Ok is the song from the cartoon series ‘Tinkling of a Bell’. As soon as the cartoon was televised, the song was widely sung by children.

The lyrics from cartoons she wrote impressively represent lively, optimistic and merry colours suited to the juvenile mind. So singing the songs reminds people of cartoons.

No one can write such songs without love for cartoon songs.”

O Yong Ok wrote many songs including the song “Where Will It Be?” from the cartoon “Map Drawn by Doctor Stork”, the song “I Will Take the First Place” from the cartoon “Little Squirrel in Wild Pear Valley” and the songs “The Road I Take of My Own Accord” and “Song of Bellflower” from the cartoon “A Squirrel and a Hedgehog”. The songs emphasize the ideological contents of cartoons.

O Yong Ok says: “Cartoon music is mostly for the children and should be created to suit their feelings. It has to implant the cognitive and educative significance of cartoons in the minds of the children with intimacy and influence.

That’s why the writer should love the children, their life and songs. So I write every song with love and affection.”

O Yong Ok ardently loves the lyrics she writes with warm heart and affection.

That is why children love to sing all the cartoon songs written by her.

Thanks to writers like O Yong Ok, the cartoon songs will be sung widely with great attachment by children and other people in the future, too.

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