To Build a Powerful Country with Virtue and Affection

More than 70 years has passed since the foundation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea but there is something unchanged. It is the virtue and affection with which one thinks first of others before oneself and devotes oneself to them without by-end and affectation while helping each other and deepening their feelings.

The respected Kim Jong Un said the virtue and affection should pervade the country and the country should be harmonious and advance with them.

He gives top priority to and absolutizes the people’s interests and conveniences and makes sure that all the wealth of the society contributes to promoting the well-being of the people.

He energetically led the work to subordinate all the state activities to realizing the people’s interests.

In recent years, he ensured that measures were taken in advance to cope with the natural disasters happening every year and went to the disaster-stricken areas in person to learn about the situation in detail and led the rehabilitation to be finished in a short span of time.

And he made sure that the grand construction for the people was carried out in a bigger way despite the vicious obstructions of the hostile forces. This year, the Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District and 10,000 dwelling houses are under construction in the capital Pyongyang.

Kim Jong Un always devotes himself to the people’s well-being, saying he has nothing more to wish for even though his body may be scattered like the grains of sand on the road for the good of the people and any hard work for the people should be done without hesitation.

Thanks to his devoted efforts, wonderful public health facilities, modern dwelling houses and many creations conducive to the welfare of the people were built across the country.

In particular, buildings for children have been built, including schoolchildren’s palaces, Children’s Union camps, baby homes and orphanages.

In spite of the difficult economic situation of the state, Kim Jong Un paid deep attention to the issue of school things for the children and had the Mindulle Notebook Factory and bag factories built. He was also deeply concerned about the production of school uniforms for the students across the country.

He said that when we feel difficulty we should show greater sincerity to the children and dynamically advance towards the future of communism by dint of the love and it should be the way of advance and development of the Korean revolution.

It is his noble outlook on the rising generations that all the work is for the children, the future of the country, from the beginning to the end and we should not calculate any work for the rising generations in terms of money.

Kim Jong Un always stresses the need to go deeper among the people at stern times to be their strong spiritual mainstay, always share sweets and bitters with them and devote all to their well-being.

The virtue and affection prevalent in our society are based on his ardent love and boundless devotion for the people.

It is the ideal of the Korean people to build a society where all the people live a comfortable and harmonious life in good health without any worries about food, clothing and housing, a people’s society full of virtue and affection in which all share sweets and bitters while helping and leading each other forward.

All countries and nations have a dream to become a power.

The Korean people will realize the dream of a powerful nation with virtue and affection in firm unity around Kim Jong Un.

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