A Precious Girl

The Pyongyang General Electric Cable Factory 326 is further revitalizing production while improving the quality of the products through a mass technical innovation movement.

Young people are standing in the van of the movement.

Among them is researcher Jong Yong Mi.

She is a young scientist in her 20s. She is respected as a treasure of the factory. In the past she made valuable research findings, greatly contributing to the normalization of production.

She developed a program for management of the factory and presented a number of technical innovation proposals, which prove effective in the electric cable production.

Recently, she has established a new technical process for the production of fireproof electric cables, making a great contribution to the revitalization of production.

When she got to this work, she had to meet with a lot of troubles as she lacked knowledge of the facilities, not a major field of study.

While repeating computer simulations hundreds of times, she deepened her research to make an electric cable with high heat resistance. She delved into former documents and analyzed the quality of every sample. As a result of her laborious pursuit, she could finally establish a new production process based on domestic raw materials.

Jong Yong Mi says: “We are the youth. The present times demand the youth become labor innovators and young heroes who
make a breakthrough in carrying out difficult tasks, set a new standard and new record and perform feats. True to the demand, I will strive to acquire the advanced science and technology more and thus make an active contribution to the economic construction.”

Jong Yong Mi is still devoting her speculation and passion to creating new technologies while sharing opinions with producers to improve the quality of the products.

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