Kangso District Face-Lifted

Kangso District of Nampo City is changing day by day.

The district is pushing forward with the work to face-lift the streets and public cultural establishments.

Mun Chol Gun, Secretary of the Kangso District People’s Committee, says: “What is fundamental in renovating the district is to solve the problems of giving substantial benefits to the people. We are paying attention to solving the problems closely related to the improvement of the people’s living.”

The district put primary efforts into rebuilding public buildings which are directly connected with the living of the people.

From the beginning, the district made preparations for it under a scrupulous plan. First of all, it completed basic problems such as designing, construction and miniature.

At the same time, it pushed ahead with the reconstruction of public establishments including the house of culture, gymnasium, the Undok Health Complex and children’s hall relying on its own skilled workers and construction equipment.

As a result, those establishments planned were remodelled in a short period.

Now the district is pushing forward with many projects such as the work of building the Kangso Park into a cultural recreation resort with unique afforestation and the work of building multistorey apartment houses. Besides, it is also planning to build many objects on an annual basis.

Local people say that the map of their district should be drawn again to include villages and buildings to be built anew.

Listening to them, we picture to ourselves Kangso District which will be changed more beautifully.

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