Children of Korea

Little Calligrapher

Chae Ryo Jong is attending the Ryomyong Kindergarten in Taesong District of the capital city Pyongyang. People say she has an uncommon instinct for calligraphy.

Teacher Kim Su Ryon says:

“When I began to teach her calligraphy, I found that she has a good concentration, space idea and imagination unlike other children.

Once taught a stroke, she remembers it and correctly uses it when learning other strokes.”

Teacher Kim Su Ryon was the first to find out the calligraphic talent of Chae Ryo Jong.

She tried hard to help the child learn calligraphy quickly and consolidate it. In her leisure hours, she built towers with toys together with Ryo Jong so that the latter could relieve herself of strain in the wrist and let her get the knack of spacing and composing the letters through amusement games.

She steadily taught her how to show the characteristics of letters at a stroke.

In those days Ryo Jong’s brushwork turned considerably seasoned and proficient for her term of learning and age.

Chae Ryo Jong took the first place at the national calligraphic festival held in April this year.

She is now growing to be an excellent calligrapher under the care of kindergarten teachers who value the talents of the children in the bud and develop them.

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