Flower House Full of Rich Emotion

For people, growing flowers is regarded as part of their emotional life, because it gives beauty and pleasure.

Schoolboy Kim Pu Gang, who is living in Konguk-dong, Mangyongdae District of the capital city Pyongyang, has a lot of flowers in his home.

He is growing nearly 20 kinds of flowers including rose, lily, bellflower, geraniums, dahlia, aztec dahlia and gladiolus. So his house is called “flower house”.

Kim Pu Gang and his grandmother are most active in flower growing.

Originally, none of the family knew anything about plants. But they came to learn a lot in the course of doing gardening.

Kim Pu Gang’s grandmother has a book with her experiences in gardening and some pieces of information on gardening at home she got from the botanical garden and greenhouses.

She has distributed various kinds of flower seeds to her neighbours and planted them in streets. So people intimately call her grandmother of the flower house.

Kim Pu Gang is as enthusiastic about gardening as his grandmother. He is said to have planted a lot of flowering trees at school by himself.

Kim Pu Gang’s mother Ki Un Byol says: “While planting and growing flowers, my son could get the true feeling of nature not from a textbook but in life experience. The more he enjoyed the fragrance and beauty of flowers, the deeper he went into the natural world. In the course he had a better understanding of the nature and consolidated in practice what he learned from the textbook.”

Kim Pu Gang’s parents are said to do gardening in the morning or after a day’s work to relieve their fatigue and pay attention to getting rare young flowering plants in case they are away on business.

Kim Pu Gang’s family is full of the fragrance of happiness and rich emotion along with the flowers.

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