Women of Korea

Devotion to Orphans

Workers at the film stage art studio hold a discussion over samples of stage costumes to be sent to orphans.

On the occasion of International Children’s Day on June 1 this year, employees of the film stage art studio sent stage costumes and props to the children at Pyongyang Baby Home and Pyongyang Orphanage.

“Children are very delighted with their new costumes. I extend heartfelt gratitude to those who care much for our kids,” said Choe Song Ran, headmistress of Pyongyang Orphanage.

According to Choe, the employees of the studio have sent them costumes and props annually for over ten years and children gave many artistic performances wearing the dresses.

“Ri Myong Sun, chief of the costume and props workshop, initiated the making and sending of them for orphans. She regards it as her duty. She finds it immensely gratifying to see happy children in new dresses,” said Kim Hyon Suk, director of the studio.

Ri Myong Sun who has been engaged in the same occupation for decades since the age of 24 has made new dresses to send them to children at the baby home and orphanage in Pyongyang every year. She also sent dozens of suits of chima and jogori, the traditional skirt and jacket of Korean women, and children’s wear for officers’ wives and children on island posts.

She has also made wedding suits for the employees of the studio and baby clothes for their children.

Therefore, all the employees affectionately call her “motherly chief”.

This year, the studio sent to the baby home and orphanage chima and jogori for teachers along with children’s dresses.

The teachers and children at the childcare facilities call Ri Myong Sun “mother” or “grandma at the studio”.

“I am satisfied to think that I have been some help to the children the country cares for so much,” Ri said.

Saying that Ri Myong Sun commanding respect of many as a Meritorious Person of Socialist Patriotism will retire soon, Kim Hyon Suk added that what she has been doing as her duty will be carried on by all other employees of the studio.

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