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Sea Waves Exploited to Generate Power

Researchers of Kim Chaek University of Technology hold a discussion to introduce a new wave power generation technology.

A research team of Kim Chaek University of Technology has recently researched and introduced a new technology of sea-wave power generation.

It is an important matter to positively exploit new energy resources at present when fossil fuels are running out on the earth.

Sea-wave power is an inexhaustible energy source which is repeatedly recycled and a clean resource that produces no environmental pollution. That is why lots of research projects are conducted in the world to convert sea-wave power into electric power, and utility technologies are countlessly developed and introduced.

“Our sea-wave power generating device for the buoy for navigation aid is a miniaturized one designed to generate electricity by using waves and supply all such buoys in the sea with electricity,” said Choe Kwang Hyok, lead developer.

The device consists of a part for absorbing sea-wave energy and a power transmitting and generating part for changing wave energy into electric energy.

An important thing is the making of the wave energy absorption and vibration body.

When the generating device floats on waves, the fixed and vibration bodies installed on a wave energy absorbing device make vertical upward and downward motion by the effect of waves.

At that time, the coupling rod performs a reciprocating upward and downward motion due to the difference between motion amplitude and relative amplitude of the two bodies and electricity is produced as the motion changes into rotary motion through a specially-designed chain gear.

Scientists successfully introduced this research achievement into supplying electricity to several pilot lamps for domestic sea routes.

The device was registered as a national invention in 2019.

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