Electric Power Industry

Bright Light

Officials and workers in the field of electric power industry have turned out to fulfil their responsibility and duty in the economic development of the country and the improvement of the people’s living.

Those of the Pukchang Thermal Power Complex are producing a lot of electricity through scrupulous technical management of the increased generating equipment.

The complex worked out a minute plan to repair generating equipment and finished it in a short time while providing necessary equipment and materials by its own efforts.

Those of the Rason Youth Power Station have built a new low-head hydroelectric power station to expand the generating capacity.

The officials and employees of the Electric Power Industry Institute under the Ministry of Electric Power Industry are actively developing and introducing valuable new technologies conducive to power generation.

They have finished by themselves the design for establishing a flexible alternating current transmission system and are manufacturing power transmitters.

The Tongdaewon District Power Distribution Station is persistently making technical innovations to supply electricity to the institutions, enterprises and households in the district without interruption.

Senior Engineer Kim Yong Chol says: “The employees have further intensified the study for raising their technical knowledge and skills and released many valuable technical innovation plans and inventions. They have manufactured ultrasonic welding machine which can save a lot of electricity and introduced automatic temperature sensor for transformer, making a contribution to the management of equipment and technical management.”

The power generation is on the increase thanks to the high enthusiasm of the electric power producers to supply the people with bright light.

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