Video: Dancing Parties Held by Youth and Students

Youth and students across the country held dancing parties on Sunday in celebration of the 76th anniversary of national liberation.

The dancing parties began with the song “Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il Sung“.

The participants danced with the feelings of admiration for Kim Il Sung, the peerless patriot and the savior of national restoration, at dancing venues in Pyongyang including the plaza of the Arch of Triumph.

The youth and students who danced cheerfully to the tunes of “A Dear Name” and “We Will Hold Our General in High Esteem” expressed the greatest glory and respect to Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Reverberating through the dancing venues prevailed by the pride of having the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un were songs “Our Leader Loved by People” and “Our Comrade Kim Jong Un“.

Songs “Young People, Be Loyal to our Party” and “March of Socialist Youth Builders”, which show the strong spirit of our young vanguard, revved up the atmosphere of the events.

Similar dancing parties were also held in provincial seats, cities and counties on the same day.

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